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Shirtless with Cats on Twitter

One of our major fans managed to find out that I have a soft spot for cats, unfortunately its not my body… and so he mocked up this incredible thing, with my face on this body with a lot of cats and kittens. And why not, you know? Why not live our dreams? We can try to make this happen for real when we come to SLC.  If you guys can arrange for a lot of cats to be there, my body will certainly be there. A little after party thing.

Other People’s Heartache Parts I and II

The original idea was a sort of mixed tape. We knew that the album wasn’t going to be ready for a while and we didn’t want to not have anything to put out. We’d been playing “What Would You Do” by City Heights and the reason we started playing that song, is because if people ever, rarely, asked for an encore. We literally didn’t have enough songs yet, because we were so new. So we’d come on and play this cover of “What Would You Do” by City High and people were sort of like “I don’t know where I remember this song from, but I know all the words…” So from that we thought, lets get loads of song that are kind of like that, from growing up, or songs that we used to dance to. And so we did that and mashed them together with film quotes, because we’re all heavily influenced by film. We got some of our friends to come in and sing our songs. We ended up making this half an hour flowing kind of mixed tape where each song flows into the next. We heard that people liked it, enough to do another one. It was a lot of fun, and incredibly illegal. We wanted people to have it for free so we put them up online.  Unfortunately they’re not online anymore because of the massive legal issues there were. All the samples we got and the film quotes and stuff. It was a lot of fun until we got shutdown.

“Things We Lost in the Fire” Music Video

We filmed that in Lithuania, and it was incredible. Basically, it was a huge rubbish dump and to try to get rid of it, they covered it with this sort of plaster of Paris powder and it hardened. It’s honestly almost like being on the moon. It’s this massive plane of white. and hills and dips and stuff. It’s so weird and incredible, you get this dream affect because there’s nothing but this white sort of dusty land. It was just an incredible place, that seemed really untapped and unfound. This amazing beauty to the land, and hopefully we captured that in the video.

Film Inspiration

It’s the genre that flows through the band. Horror films sort of like Scream and Final Destination, slightly tongue in cheek kind of stuff. Obviously Twin Peaks and David Lynch as well, not  only in the music but in the visuals of the band. There’s a lot of references to David Lynch, and that was brought about by Dan. Dan’s David Lynch’s biggest fan. It’s nice to involve influences, not just from music, when trying to make music. It’s nice to bring in from influences from film and art, you get a different feel. That’s why film was such a big part of it all, we all sort of take notice of that. It’s a nice element to try to bring to the music and the artwork and visuals of the band as well.

“Bad Blood”

It came together at the end and interesting, it was the quickest song in terms of it being an idea, to it being played as a band, and then being recorded. So it was all really exciting when it was happening because normally a band will have ideas, and you feel them out and rewrite them and go back and bring it to the band and we try to work it live and whatever. But “Bad Blood” seemed to sprout up without all that, within a few months and it had this great vibe to it. And the name of the song “Bad Blood” we felt was quite bold and encapsulates the kind of ideas that run through the album. It worked perfectly as the name of the album title because it reflects what’s going on in the Album and not just the song.


Bastille is the name of the French Prison, and basically the 14th of July is Dan’s birthday. So when we were trying to come up with a band name, one of his friends said “Your birthday is on Bastille Day, how about that?” And we were sort of like Oh, that sounds quite nice. We just liked how it sounded, and that was it. | Facebook | Twitter

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