Mandy, Will, and Etienne


Mandy: We’re all from different boroughs in the city for the most part, but the three of us live together in the Bronx.

Meeting at Vegan Restaurants

Mandy: Etienne would come in, well we both worked in Vegan restaurants that were a block away from each other so obviously we’d be sick of the food served at our restaurants and go to each other’s.So he’d come for soy cheeseburgers like every single day and he’d sit at the bar and we would talk about, I dunno, I guess music. Then he emailed me his music with the band he was playing with and I emailed him the band I was playing with. And we were like, “Oh this is actually really good!” I expected him to be really bad. He made really bad jokes all the time at the bar.

Etienne: Turns out that I still barely play…

Previous Ideas for Band Names

Mandy: Well Will…his suggestion was The 24-Hour Party People.

The Mother/Wife Dynamic

Mandy: You know the Mormon term “Sister Wives”…it’s just a play on that term which is like the man marries a bunch of women and they become wives and friends so we reversed the gender and I married all the guys and they became friends…the drummer is my boyfriend so I like him the best, I guess.

Etienne: I’m the head bitch.

Mandy: No they’re all amazing. I’m just best friends with all of them. I feel like I’m more of a mom to them than I am a wife though.

Mandy: If anything Will and Etienne are dating more than me and Etienne.

“Imagination Infatuation”

Mandy: Well Jesse plays just about every instrument; he’s the one who plays horns. It’s just a funky tune and horns are an essential piece in funk, I guess. So it just happened pretty organically. We definitely are firm believers of playing real instruments and not overusing computers. That’s what music is about and I think our generation is kinda confused about music a little bit.

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