The Neighbourhood

Two different Sweater Weather videos:

Jesse: The first one, somebody sued us for so we couldn’t keep that one up. So uh we made a new one…yeah there was some bullshit. No it was good that we made a new one because it was at the right time of our musical journey/career whatever you want to call it because we hadn’t been in any of the other videos so it was time for us to, I guess, present ourselves. And it just worked out right.

Mikey: What better way than with Sweater Weather.


Jesse: It started with me and the two guys that aren’t in this interview right now – but me Zack and Jeremy. We started together and then we added these guys on just because they knew how to play music and they were really close friends of ours…

Brian: And we’re really good looking.

Brian: We released our first song on the internet a little over a year ago. So I think that’s when we were ready to say, “World, we are a band.”… I was in college.

Mikey: Yeah I was still in high school. So when they asked me to join the band, that’s all I wanted to do, so I just joined.

Brian: You should’ve dropped out though. That would’ve been way cooler.

The Band Name:

Jesse: I always like to say I just think it’s a – it has to do with unity and all beings come from some sort of a neighbourhood or coming from a home of some sort. And everybody can kinda relate to it the same way I think anybody could attach to a certain part of our music. Whether you don’t like this song or you don’t like that one, I think you could like a certain part or a certain element.

The Black & White Vision:

Brian: It sets the stage for our music to be heard. I mean, we treat everything as importantly as we treat the music.  All the content we put out like our videos, tour posters, every little detail we handle and we take just as seriously. So when we do everything in black and white, it kind of sets the stage for all the stuff that you see, whether that be our visuals or our songs – audio.

First time they heard their music on the radio:

Jesse: I thought this was kinda funny. I was hanging out with this girl for a minute. I’m not kidding. Both times or like a few times she came in the car, the song would always be on. And part of me feels kinda cool but then the other part of me is like, “Alright. Come on. Just turn it off.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t like some brand new girl or anything. I didn’t have to impress her or anything. She already knew me. | Twitter Facebook

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