Panic! At The Disco

Ending Their Tour

It was great. It was a lot of smaller clubs, which is something we haven’t done. It’s probably been for me about 6 years since we’ve played 200-300 cap rooms.  It was nice, sweaty, intimate, hot…  But it was cool. Like, no barricade, just face to face with the fans.

Their New Single and the New Album

This album, it’s our fourth one. This one kind of came about over a course of a shorter amount of time. Usually it would take 2-2 ½ years to get in started, to get in the studio. With this time, with the help of Dallon writing as well, it was kind of nice. It all happened really quickly. Once started writing for the album, we had demos that we knew we wanted to be on the album. That was when it started to pick up… It’s not so whiney. It’s more just to the point. It’s pretty confessional, I think. And a lot of it, to me, for the electronic side of it, there is a glamorous side that is kind of Vegas in its own right, which is something that we haven’t really done. There is actually a song called “Vegas Lights” that is on the record that is kind of an homage to Vegas, in a way—just about the way how dingy it can get but also, kind of how glamorous it is, the whole debauchery and everything.

Dallon Returning to Utah

It’s great. It’s pretty good that we’re ending the tour here. It’s always to play back at home… I think we’re going to go hit “The Pie” at some point before we go home.

Brendon Being Raised Mormon

I was born in St. George, Utah. I moved to Las Vegas with my family… Well, I didn’t move. They moved me along. Yeah, but I lived in Vegas since I was two. So, I don’t really remember St. George— kind of went back and forth to visit family. But, Vegas was my home; grew up LDS, in the church. I left when I was 17, like right before the band started touring. You know, [my] parents were pretty bummed about that but that only lasted like a month or so. And they’ve honestly been our biggest fans. | Facebook | Twitter

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