X Ambassadors (#2)

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Sam Harris

Discovered by Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons

So basically, Dan was down in Virginia. The band was down in Virginia playing this festival – playing this Winter Meltdown for this radio station called 96X. That station had been playing a song of ours called “Litost”. Dan actually talked to one of the guys from the station, and he played him this other song of ours called “Unconsolable”. Dan had never heard us or that song before. He got really excited about it and told Alex Da Kid about it. Alex called us up and we met with him. It was all really fast, and really cool. Those guys are just the best. They’re doing so incredibly well and it couldn’t be happening to a band that deserves it more. They’re really really a great bunch of guys. We’re lucky to be associated with them.

The Sax Man

I’m an alto sax man…I think saxophone lately has been used more, even with M83, as a solo instrument. What we’re trying to do with the saxophone is much more of a textural thing. I was never the best player but I could definitely hold a note and had a good ear for melody. So we just try to keep it simple and textural… I’m also, I’m primarily a singer, so I want to build stuff with a saxophone, build these cords that I can sing over. So I think we’re doing – if I do say so myself – I think we’re doing something pretty new and innovative.

“Unconsolable” Music Video

Well we had been toying around with a bunch of different ideas. Actually that idea kind of came out of a conversation I had with Dan [Reynolds] about it because you know he called me up and we were talking about how important it is for the first video to really mean something and we sort of came up with this idea together about the story of these two brothers. It was a very organic thing. I came up with the initial idea for it and then I took the reins. This great production group called ENDS ended up doing it. They’ve done some videos for The Neighbourhood. They’re great guys. Really talented.

Christmas Traditions

I like to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve. That’s like my favorite movie ever. I just sit there on the couch and watch It’s A Wonderful Life”, I just cry my eyes out, then I go to sleep. Then Christmas morning, we have breakfast first, we open a couple presents, then we just hang out. I hang out all day in my pajamas, in my sweaters. I always get great Christmas sweaters so I wear like all of them all at once. Sweat. Sweat all the alcohol out of my system that I’ve been drinking the last couple days.

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