Bad Suns

bad suns

Christo Bowman

“Cardiac Arrest” (single)

Well the way we write our songs, it can all be very different. A lot of the times  – Both “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt” are kind of examples of songs that were written piece-by-piece.  We’ll often write like hundreds of songs and pieces of certain songs will end up matching together that weren’t originally even intended to be in the same song. [“Cardiac Arrest” is] an example of that. The verses were written. The first thing I think that came in that song was the intro guitar riff. I was experimenting with some pedals ‘cuz that was one of the things I played and it really kind of excited me. It sounded like, “Oh I like this a lot!”…Then the chorus didn’t come till probably a year later actually.

“Salt” (single)

Well this song was actually written from the perspective of a friend of mine…I was kind of trying to universalize the idea of what that was and try and make it as vague as possible but still have  it seem a little bit vulnerable. I like the idea of that song being very dark in the lyrical content but just very fun in the way that it’s composed and stuff like that…and I think that not only has to do with how musical it is but just in terms of it kind of being a reflection, a review on life: you can turn something dark into something that’s still beautiful.


I’m glad that it turned out to be pretty bouncy and fun. I think that’s one of our – all of our – favorite songs now.

His nickname, Christo

I think it’s because of the fact that for me when you type out my name, Chris Bowman, it looks so similar to Chris Brown and when you google it all these things always come up. So I wanted to try and differentiate it in some way. I didn’t want to change my last name. So I decided, well I guess if you add Christo instead of chris…It’s actually even more true to my name than Chris would be ‘cuz you got more letters in there.

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