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Kate Tucker

Where did the “Sons of Sweden” part of the name came from?

It started when I decided to move back from Paris to play rock and roll and I moved to Seattle. Seattle has a very strong Sweedish presence and it inspired the name.

The new album The Shape The Color The Feel

We are preparing for the album release which is February 11, 2014. So we have a lot of work to do getting this album out and getting ready to tour this Spring. So the boys are back home getting everything ready.

Playing at Sundance

I’m not part of any film. I’m up here singing at the ASCAP Cafe  with Matthew Perryman Jones who is from Nashville and somebody I write with a lot. He also sings on our new album that is coming out.

Playing “pick up” shows in Nashville

Nashville is a players town. It’s all about the songs and everybody knows how to play all of the good songs. There are so many great venues and porch hangs. You’re always going to each others houses and great shows are happening all of the time.

Her film Everything Went Down

It’s a separate feature that I only acted in and scored. The film is a modern day musical about a friendship that develops and the power there. There is music throughout the whole film in many different formats.

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