Panic! At The Disco

Jory Lee Cordy Panic! at the Disco

Brendon & Dallon 

Touring with the New Album

Brendon: It’s great because playing the news songs, obviously that’s always fun, playing new stuff seeing the crowd react to that. But there are not a lot of moments when you get to rest, it’s just song back to back to back. Which is pretty fun, we like doing that.

The Backflip On Stage

Dallon: There have been situations where it’s raining and the stage has been super slick and we’re like, oh man he’s going to do it isn’t he?

“The End of All Things”: Brendon’s vows to his wife 

Brendon: I just wanted to write a song for just how grateful I was to have met her and to have known her and be with her. For this first time in my life I felt changed if that makes sense? I was able to talk about past experiences without the guilt, I was kind of a different guy. It’s one of the most simple songs on the record too, like there are no big SAT words. It was a really nice moment kind of out of nowhere out of left field and it’s the only song on the record that does that.

“Married Man” Brendon

Dallon: it’s still same old Brendon, it’s just the married man version.

Brendon: I’m just emotionally and sexually dead. We can joke because it’s not true.

Tracks that never make the radio

Brendon: Some of our favorite songs are songs that weren’t singles like the deep cuts. I think really music lovers really appreciate the deeper stuff that most people wouldn’t know about. That’s where you really find out about the artist you kind of learn a little bit more. Everyone only sees a little piece when you release a single.

Dallon: You keep hearing that album format is dead and people don’t buy albums or listen to albums any more and that’s a real shame to me because to hear a completed piece of art by and artist is still special to me and important. | Facebook | Twitter



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