Wild Cub

wild cub

Keegan DeWitt

Based: Nashville

A “Fill-in-the-Blank” album

By stripping our names and our faces off of it and just letting it be these little glimpses into moments, these little fragments of stories, it allows people the opportunity to kind of bring their own history, and their own past, and experiences, and stuff in a really organic way that is a lot more dense than maybe if I was just writing songs that were very topical. You know like you wake up in the morning, you brush your hair, you go to work. That kind of thing. These are like little sparks in the darkness that get people’s curiosity going and really makes them lean forward and bring their own imagination to it.

Performing “Thunder Clatter” on Jimmy Fallon

Wild cub in a weird way was formed around that song…It was interesting, last night I was sitting there in the NBC 30 Rock [studio], sitting down to go, how do you write a Thank You letter to Jimmy Fallon? I was like, “Well gosh this is a big deal.” I just said, this is a song that I wrote for my wife the that day I met her, and now I get to play it on live TV in front of the world with her and my 7-month old baby sitting in the green room. And that’s an incredible thing. That’s why we feel so lucky – not only to have the opportunity to go and do all this stuff, but to be able to do it with a song that is so genuinely resonant to me and the rest of the band. Because they have all kind of – whether they like it or not – been around as this new family has begun for me.

The Heart of “Thunder Clatter”

I was starting to think right before I met her [my wife], well what happens if you let life beat you up to the point where you actually miss the one person who you’re supposed to be with, and so for me “Thunder Clatter” was this thing like almost this -[breathing] – this breath of fresh air like, thank goodness I figured that out! That I was able to see this person in the big clutter and craziness of what it is right now to be growing up and trying to just meet somebody else who you can link with and be able to create something great.


“Colour” is like one of the first songs that we ever tracked live – the band, getting everybody in the room together. So much of being a singer/songwriter is you have to write songs that you could play on an acoustic guitar – anywhere at anytime. The most exciting thing of being in a band and us kind of all saying we want to do this as a band was the idea that we could create songs more like “Colour”. Being able to like track it all live with five different people and all of their different kind of unique things being brought to the table. This is one of the first songs where that really clicked for us as we were recording the record.

The Band Name: “It’s absolutely meaningless”

That was part of the point. It’s like how do we pick a name that’s just a name, and really what it’s about is people encountering the imagery of the record cover and the videos and being able to just hear the music for the first time, and letting all that be a totally organic thing that sparks their brain to start to churn and get their imagination going.

Debut Album Youth out now!

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