X Ambassadors (#1)

x ambassadors

Sam Harris

From: Ithaca, New York | Based: Brooklyn, New York

Why they made the move to Brooklyn:

Big Dreams. Big Aspirations. Tale as old as time. We’re Beauty and the Beasting ritght now. Actually, you know, speaking of Beauty and The Beast, I watched that the other day just out of pure nostlagia. I kinda really love that movie still. Really love it. Not ashamed of it. We’re all big Disney fans. That movie really struck a cord.

The School Days:

I’ve known Noah, our guitarist since I was 6 years old. So we’re used to spending a lot of time together. [We know each other] from school, man. We went through every single grade of school together – including college. I actually studied theater, as a matter of fact. I was a thespian, an actor.

First acting role:

The first role I ever played was Dill in To Kill A Mockingbird when I was 9 years old.

The one band member who doesn’t suck:

I was playing with Noah for years. We started our first band I think when we were like 12 – Noah and I are the same age. Then we played for a little while and all of us really sucked at our instruments. We were like, Alright ok we need one person in the band who can actually play. I was like, Well, you know my brother is this kick-ass piano player. And yeah. We asked him to start playing with us. It was pretty organic though, you know. We’d have basement jam sessions and he would sort of sit in cuz he was around. We did grow up in the same house, you know.

“Love Songs Drug Songs” (single):

So that was the first song that we actually did in collaboration with Alex Da Kid…it all happened very, very organically. You know I really worked really hard on the chorus with Alex. We chipped away at it, this idea of – the phrase “put you back together” that was the one that just stuck out to me. And then the verses just sort of came together like that and in the verse I came up with the line “love songs drug songs”. I dunno, there’s something about the dichotomy that that phrase created in my head that i liked it.

Love Songs Drug Songs – EP:

When it came to name the EP, it just sort of made sense. Cause that was the first thing we did with Alex and it started a new chapter. And, you know, it sets up kind of the two different sides to the EP. There’s a lightness and a darkness there that I think is reflected in that title.

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