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american authors

Zach and Dave

“Believer” feat. The Banjo

The crazy thing about that is nobody in the band knew how to play a banjo, but James had stolen his girlfriend’s banjo from her and it was just sitting in his room and he was playing around with it. He had this riff idea and we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we figured it out on banjo instead of guitar? And that’s how the banjo entered our music. We just finished recording our debut album and banjo’s on pretty much 80% of the album. We’re trying to incorporate it more in like a full-band, rock experience and make it less of a honky-tonk instrument and more of a cool, lead, rock instrument.

The “Believer” Attitude

Lyrically, we came up with this concept of, what if we talk about all the negative – maybe not necessarily negative – but all the things that make a person human. You know, “I’m a little bit sheltered, I’m scared, I’m nervous that I’m going nowhere. I get jealous, I’m slow, I can be hurtful”, but these are the things that makes us human. We don’t necessarily wanna let these things go, but at the end of the day we’re believers that things will always get better. So you might have these characteristics and these traits about you, but you know what, there’s always room for improvement. Things are always going to get better if you just have a positive outlook about things at the end of the day.

“Best Day of My Life”

Lyrically with Best Day of My Life, it’s kind of a cool thing. It’s telling a story about this dream world and being asleep in this dream, and just never wanting to wake up from it because you’re having the best day of your life in that dream state. And we were – with the monsters and all this different stuff – we’re almost trying to channel Where the Wild Things Are and the whole imagery behind that book and especially what they did with the film of that.

Being AMERICAN Authors

We all met in Boston, but none of us are actually from there. We’re all from different places. As I was saying, I was born in California, I grew up in Minessota. Dave’s from Jersey; Matt, our drummer, is from Texas. And then James our guitar/banjo player is from Florida. So we really are from all over the place.

I think it all kind of stemmed from the “authors”. We loved the word, “authors”, we really liked what it represented and the stories with music and us telling the stories through our music…obviously the alliteration is really good too.

If you could play with any band…

Hey Cher if you’re out there, hit us up. We’re down to tour.

Dave’s new tattoo

I got a tattoo that says “Dude” and a tattoo that says “Sweet”. Kind of like “Dude Where’s My Car?”

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