Bad Things

bad things

Shaun White

What are you bad at?

I’m bad at basketball, just terrible. But everything else seems to work out.

Sports & Music

I won my first guitar at a snowboard competition at the X-Games. I started playing and put some friends together from the neighborhood. That’s when things got moving, two of the members of the band grew up with me. Lena was friends with my first girlfriend, and once I moved to LA things really took off and I met the other members of the band. Things got more serious, they’re talented musicians who had been in other bands and signed to labels. I had to not only show them that I could play to win them over. As you expect there’s a bit of a question mark when a snowboarder wants to play guitar in a band.  The band got together and next thing you know we had someone from Warner Bros came to our garage to listen to us play. We ended up getting signed and working on an album, it was about a 2 year process because of my sports and everything that was going on, it was hard to find the time to make it all happen.

“Caught Inside”

For some people it’s a surprise, but people that know me know I don’t do things halfway. “Caught Inside” is such a great song because it really highlights Lena, our drummer, is also singing in the main vocals with our lead singer David. It’s such a cool melodic song, with the drums that come in, it almost has a Beach Boys kind of vibe to it.

The Band Name

It’s funny because names were getting thrown around and as you can image, everything this taken, any cool name you come up with.  So we were sitting in the car YouTubing, like everyone does. It was from the kid that stole his grandmothers car, and they asked him “Do you feel bad about what you did?” and he was like “Nah, not really, it’s fun to do bad things.”  We kept saying that “Oh Bad Things, I like that” we were so surprised it wasn’t already matched up. It represented the band in a way. The fact that when I do boarding events and you get a lot of eyeballs, a lot of people watching. It’s in the back of your mind that a younger demographic is watching. Our lead singer has tattoos and he’s not getting  a normal day job with those tattoos, you know? He’s committed to a lifestyle. I’m just glad that worked out.


We showed up to play the small stage and I was down to do it. We’ll show up and play anywhere, we’ll play the kids stage, we’ll play at the cafe, whatever.  We played such a great set and one of the heads of Lollapalooza came over and said that one of the bands had dropped out and offered us their slot at one of the main stages.  It was a prime spot, so we jumped on it and  had a great show. That really got us a lot of attention and kick started the group in the public eye. | Facebook | Twitter

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