Jess Wolfe

From: Brooklyn, NY

How Jess & Holly Met

We met in college. We had a bunch of mutual friends so I was having a party one night, and I look across the room and there’s a girl dressed in the same exact outfit as me. We just got to talking, and we ended up having strangely similar musical inspirations; our parents introduced us to very similar music from a young age – 60’s rock and roll, old-school soul music like Sam Cooke, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison and the like. We just thought it would be fun. We already had a mutual admiration for each other’s voices so we decided let’s get together and try and put together a group take on a White Album cover show…we never ended up doing it, but we started writing our own music and never looked back.

Their Old Victorian Home

For this record, we lived in this old Victorian House in Brooklyn. It was an old recording studio for like 70 years prior to us living there. We were the first tenants after the passing of the family that lived there. They left behind like a Grand Steinway piano from the ‘20’s, and all these organs and all this stuff. So it was really sort of a serendipitous moment in time. It really nurtured our writing habits and we were able to make use of that space and those instruments, and that’s where we wrote most of the record. 

“Turn It Around”

I think for us, you know we’re best buds, and instead of getting together and gossiping about things and talking about our hardships we write about them. And we’re able to bounce off each other and do that. We’ve been lucky enough to have some similar, sort of parallel experiences and that makes things easily relatable.

“Go Home”

That one was actually one of the first ones that we wrote for this record – stopping in a relationship and just being fed up and wanting that person to get out of your face. Even if it’s just for a moment, and then eventually forever…After playing it for so long, it’s still I think one of our favorite songs to perform. It’s just very emotive and heart felt. Holly wrote the lyrics to that one and I think it’s really just beautifully written. 

Lucius the English Bulldog

Lucius is my English bulldog growing up. He was a very strange and interesting character. He had an underbite that was crooked, and he wobbled around, and he’d run into walls, and he could open and close doors with his paws. He was just such a funny guy. He must’ve been like inbred or something. He probably was. And we liked the way it sounded. We thought it had like a 60’s feel to the name but also we just liked the idea of his character being involved somehow – keeping things light-hearted and fun. | Facebook | Twitter

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