The Maine

The Maine

John O’Callaghan

Recording live to tape

In the past we’ve just utilized the digital technology that we have readily available at our fingertips, because that’s kind of the industry standard now. So when we decided that we wanted to work with another producer on this fourth full length that we put out, we kind of racked our brains for somebody that we felt like we could really benefit from working with. So Pat, our drummer, had the idea of working with Brendan Benson and upon kind of talking to him and getting him on board, he informed us how he makes records. He talked about and mentioned the analog process, and for lack of a better word he’s kind of a old soul and he takes kind of an old rock approach to recording which I think there’s something so awesome for a band as young as we are. Because it opened a bunch of doors into- kind of unlocking parts of our brain that weren’t being used before, recording other records.


So for this song, the four guys were in the main tracking room I was in another room doing vocals at the same time. So it really was just about feeding off  everybody’s energy and really just trying to play not necessarily to the click but playing to each other and I think that it gives the whole record kind of a life of its own, and a pulse of its own. This one just kind of fell together rather easily once running through it a couple times in the studio. After playing through a whole song, everybody kind of knew when the take was write. It was defiantly an awesome learning experience.

Imaginary Number EP

The newest EP that we put out is all acoustic, or acoustic based. The idea came about – it was idea that people online had kind of been talking about. They wanted to hear us play acoustic songs, or acoustic-ish style songs. I think for us it’s just one of those, it’s another step. I personally like the loud kind of rock stuff, but for us as artists, as musicians, it’s an imperative step to push ourselves to tone things  down just a little bit and try to experiment in a different kind of creative space.

The Band Name

We had kind of thrown songs together and being a band together (happened) really rapidly at the start of us doing this and we booked a show without having a band name… It’s a really hard thing to do, picking a band name. Everything that you come up with ends up just sound silly. So we ended up just stealing it from a song called “The Coast Of Maine” it was from a band that we were really into at the time. But it’s so funny because there’s so many different band names that are just common-place names now, you know household names. | Facebook | Twitter

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