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blue octoberJustin Furstenfeld

 “Sway” Music Video

Now that I run the label, I always saw how major labels would spend so much money on these people in far off lands to write these treatments and film it and I was like dude I can do that. Let me just write these treatments and then go hire my buddy to film it and then I’ll get in the editing table with him so that’s how we do it now. Just all in house and we do everything just with the band and myself.

Meeting His Wife

This one girl comes up to me and she smacks me on the back of the head with a towel and she says, “It’s your birthday! Why don’t you smile?” and I turn around and I’m like, “Who the hell are you?” And I remember she burped, and I said, “Next time you burp blow that in my face!” and she said, “What?” and I was like, “No no no, come on, come on, just burp and blow it in my face”. Because I’m just weird like that I guess? And the next time she burped she blew it in my face, and I smelled it and then I said, “What are you doing next Friday?” And from then on, man.  


In this new album Sway it was mainly about owning up to a lot of stuff and then recognizing what demons you have, and then either letting them go or whine about it for the rest of your life. And the one thing I noticed was keeping me from it was just being afraid of the inevitable, always just worrying. I think that that’s one of the main things that I learned from first of all getting sober, and recognizing all the amazing things in life, is that as long as you’re living right, you can’t be scared of what’s to come. You have to own your life and suck it up and live it to the fullest. But the one thing that always keeps me down, and a lot of people down, is just the fear what other people think, of failure, of falling down. But the main thing in that song is when it says, “I used to fall, but now I get back up”, that just hits me in the chest every time I hear it. I used to focus so much on the falling down that it felt good to be able to go, you know what? Let’s get back up. | Facebook | Twitter

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