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 Cam Rafati

Moving to L.A.

Our type of music is really the type of music that you need the L.A. producer game to be behind. We’re not really an Indie band as much anymore, our sound is very mainstream, very pop driven and the majority of bands that have that type of genre, they really have to go to L.A.. Not only L.A. – everyone and their dog is out here but if you play shows in random places, unique circumstances happen where people meet you and introduce you to this person. That’s how we got on Grey’s Anatomy actually. We have a song on Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night.

“Apple Pie”

We wrote that song when we were living in the Hollywood Hills. It’s interesting, it was based off of an old Nina Simone song. We used to hike in the hills up underneath the Hollywood sign. And it gets really creepy at night around the Hollywood sign, there’s a weird energy there right by Madonna’s old house, this big mansion where Bugsy Siegel used to have gambling rings and killed a bunch of people there. It’s a very creepy environment. So we basically wrote that when we would hike up in these hills and the coyotes would come out late at night and we were like man, we better keep running before the sun goes down. We put all these different lyrics in based on our experiences of kind of the creepiness of the Hollywood Hills and hiking there at night so that’s basically where the song came from.

“Hazy on the Ground”

We were listening to a lot of Rolling Stones and we watched that movie Apocalypse Now and “Hazy On The Ground” is kind of like in life sometimes things are really not sure as much as we think they’re sure. We’ve been told in life to do this, get a job, whatever society programs us to do. But sometimes we do what is expected and it’s still “Hazy On The Ground”, you still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you still have to wake up and fight every day.

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