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Lindsey Troy

Eating gummy worms over the fire

We went camping last night by the beach. It was really awesome…We did a campfire…we didn’t do s’mores we did gummy worms. I was craving something fruity!

The spelling of “Deap Vally”

I guess when we came up with the name, we felt like the normal spelling kind of looked like maybe it would be a country band or something like that. That’s not what we are so we decided to change it up, you know, in the tradition of rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Def Lepard, you know.

“The Chick Band Thing” 

No one’s ever said it quite like that. I mean sure, we constantly are answering questions about what it’s like to being a female in the music industry. I think that’s part of what’s maybe unusual about us. I mean I think there are so many female musicians, there’s probably not enough and there should be. There should always be more. I think part of what strikes people about us is that we’re playing really heavy music and we’re also kind of playing, like there’s an element of “sleaziness” about our music in the sense that – it’s like in the tradition of Rock ‘n Roll. In that sort of like classic rock, sleazy tradition. And I think that people aren’t that used to hearing that from women. I think some people love it and then there’s other people who probably feel really uncomfortable by it. But that’s ok. It just basically comes down to people who are prudes and people who aren’t prudes.

“Walk of Shame”

Walk of Shame was one of the last songs that we wrote for the album. It just came out really quickly. We’d had the idea for that concept of that song and then we just jammed it out and wrote it just real quick. It’s just meant to be like a really sort of direct, powerful, anthemic message. It’s taking this concept – walk of shame – that most people have that experience at some point in their life and kind of turning it around. Making it a walk of pride versus a walk of shame. I think everyone can relate to it, men and women. Maybe not prudes. Maybe prudes can’t relate to it, but I think they want to. I think they’re gonna break out.

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