Dirty Heads

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Jared “Dirty J” Watson

Featuring singles “Spread Too Thin” and “Smoke Rings”

Babe, are you cheating on me?

I don’t play any instruments so I really am kinda just the weird guy that walks around singing into his phone. I kept getting up at three in the morning and grabbing my phone and going in to the kitchen, and my fiancé was like, “Who are you talking to? I don’t wanna be that girl, and you know I trust you, and we have this respect thing, but like you keep getting up at three in the morning and grabbing your phone and going to the other room.” I was like, “I’m just uh putting melodies to my songs. But I’m trying to do them really quiet.”

The Writing Process on the Upcoming Album

On this new album that we’re writing, we worked a lot with different producers – with Rome and this producer Supa Dups. It was more so a colab’ thing to where we kinda just got magic with Rome Ramirez. We all sat around with a couple guitars and talked lyrics out and you know, just kinda snowballed all these different ideas; and then we went to other producers that already had some beats done and we got inspired off of what they had already done, and then changed it and made it a little more Dirty Heads. 

Wiki-ing Dirty Heads

I did a long time ago and it said that we wrote a song for Madonna in 1982. I was literally being born that year.

What can fans expect for live shows?

Bring a positive attitude and a good time! That’s what we’re gonna do. We’re really excited. It’s the first show back from writing the new album, from taking some time off. We haven’t played a show in like a month. So we’re gonna actually start practicing next week and look forward to some new music. So that’s what I would be really excited for. We just finished tracking all of the production for the new album that’s coming out hopefully in June or July. Then we go back next week and put the final mix into it. Then we’ll be rippin’ and roarin’ to go in and practice some new songs, so hopefully we’ll have some new music to be played at that show.

Be on the lookout for their next album out in June/July

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