Danny  Kongos

Being a “South African band”

Our dad was from South Africa, he moved to the U.K. to get going with music and our mom was from Phoenix and they met in London where my three older brothers were born. Then we moved to South Africa in ’88 where I was born and then we spent 8 years there and then we came to Phoenix because we had some family here in America.

Their Writing Process

We all write, but we all write separately. Basically, we write and then bring a song to the band and then produce it together.

Using an Accordion

 That was accidental. On the first album we were missing a solo and nothing was working no guitar or keyboard or anything so, there was an accordion lying around and Johnny picked it up and it sounded right from the beginning so we kind of stuck with it… He didn’t really know how to play, I mean he knows how to play the keyboard and piano and he’s probably the best musician out of all of us so he – it came quite naturally to him. He just picked it up and it worked.

“I’m Only Joking”

A lot of the rhythm is based on this Burundi drumming it’s origin in Africa, and they do this cool group drumming so the grove is based on that.

 Naming the band KONGOS

I think that everything else that we tried sucked, so we just stuck with that. And we knew that eventually – there was power in the name once people got over the kongos, the drums and all that, once people just know the name as a band name or our last name, we thought it was a great name so we just kind of stuck with it. Plus, maybe just out of laziness we didn’t want to come up with another band name.

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