Against Me!

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Laura Jane Grace

Rockin’ Out in Church

Surprisingly enough my earliest bands, the names weren’t that embarrassing and could kind of maybe even be bands mistaken for hipster bands from Brooklyn at this point. I think the first band name I ever had was The Black Shadows and then The Leather Dice. I was a visionary at a young age. I was probably 12 or something like that. Ironically enough all my first bands kind of revolved around the church group that I used to go to when I was a kid. All my first public shows were at church talent shows. But we were also like playing Nirvana “Heart-Shaped Box” at the church talent shows.

“Unconditional Love”

That song came at the end and after kinda the whole process of making the record. There were a lot of highs and lows if you will. One of the last things that happened  was a tree fell through the roof of the studio where we were recording at and destroyed the studio. We were kind of also out of a bass player at the time so when that happened I was like oh what do we do? We gotta find a new studio to go to. So I thought of our friend Fat Mike from NOFX and I gave him a call ‘cuz I knew he had a studio in San Francisco, and asked him if we could go there and record at his place and he was like yeah. And then I was like, “We also don’t have a bass player, so would you like to play on a couple songs?” and he was like yeah. That’s one of the tracks that Mike plays on, which I was really happy to have him be a part of the record.

“Black Me Out”

I did an acoustic video for a friend of mine who does a website called Nervous Energies . It’s just life performances in weird situations like playing in a van or playing outside of a venue. So that song was kind of out there for fans to hear for a long time before the record was released, and people seemed to really latch on to it and really like it. Even before the record was out, we’d be able to go on tour and play this song, and there was always a very real response from the crowd.

A Transgender Role Model

The record’s very much so an autobiographical record and kinda coincided with me coming to terms and dealing with my gender dysphoria and deciding to go through gender transition…I’ve definitely tried to make myself available and willing to talk about that just because I feel like the transgender community at large is pretty unrepresented in the media, and most of the time it’s not very positive stories or positive representation. So for me it’s a little bit selfish as I’m looking to meet other trans people across the world and build a community for myself, but then at the same time if I can help anyone out there struggling with gender dysphoria by sharing my story and giving whatever advice I can from what I’ve learned thus far, then I’m happy to do that. | Facebook | Twitter

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