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neon treesElaine Bradley

“Embracing The Neon” on Pop Psychology

I think the difference between the previous album and this album is first of all we’re embracing the neon, so we’re going very colorful, bright, and happy; and secondly, I think we’re just spending the effort and the money up front to make the show what we want it to be and kind of worrying whether that will pan out later.

Sleeping with a Friend” 

It’s one of those songs that we’re really, really proud of…I think this shows a different side of what we can do. It’s still poppy, its still catchy, but it’s kind of flipping the script as far as the sound of Neon Trees.

Pop Psychology

I think the best way to describe it – it’s kind of like a mix between our fist and second albums but more confident, less apologetic. I think we set out to make a really good pop record as a rock band, and I think we accomplished it. It’s kind of like what we’ve always envisioned Neon Trees to sound like and maybe have not quite harnessed in the past because of whatever constraints: time or money or however we were focusing at the time. So I think we’ve just become more fearless as the time goes on as well as knowing exactly what we want to do. Fearless also meaning we’re not afraid to make catchy pop songs, ‘cause that’s what we really enjoy doing.

The Provo, Utah Music Scene

When I moved here it was really eye opening and very refreshing that there was such a tight-knit musical community, and all different kinds of genres support each other…Nothing but mad love and props to the Provo music scene ‘cuz it’s what brought us together…I feel like sometimes I’m on the Utah Travel Bureau when we go on tour because people will do the thing where you know, “Oh we’re from Utah.” And they’re like, “Oh. Sorry.” What are you apologizing to me for? I’m not sorry! I live there by choice! Goodness gracious.

Elaine’s Previous Band – Nymb

I started a band, Nymb, which was a band for seven years. I started off playing the drums then moved to guitar. Yeah we did alright. We had a couple – several – national tours, and we did really well at home. Sold enough cd’s to keep ourselves going to make money and whatever. I actually served an LDS mission, so that band kinda disintegrated.

Neon Trees: “The In-N-Out Band”

Tyler – very early on, this is before he and Chris even played together – he had a group of friends that would go hang out at In-N-Out…at the one in Temecula, they have neon, glass, palm trees up on the wall. So one day they were hanging out or whatever. Talking about – kinda like I did in fourth grade – talking about how they should start a band…have a gang of misfits. They never started the band, but they thought the name could be Neon Palm Trees. So when Tyler and Chris a couple years later got together and started playing music, they were throwing around names, and one of the ones that came up was Neon Palm Trees. So they just cut off the Palm and went with Neon Trees ‘cuz it kinda fit the vibe they wanted to go for once they eventually got more members in the band. It stuck! And here we are – the In-N-Out band.

 Pop Psychology out April 22

U.S. Tour starting May 2014 | Facebook | Twitter

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