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That’s one of the songs that I had to learn when I was introduced to the band. It was a little bit different then. It was more about a relationship. Then when they brought it into the studio, they kind of wanted it to be for anyone really who is looking to feel young again.

Formation of Royal Teeth

They had a girl singer but she quit. They were playing a show in a week and needed a new singer. A couple of the guys knew me from living in Lafayette and going to school. They heard that I could sing. Gary sent me a message on Facebook .They had lots of youtube videos, and knew that I had never been in a band before. They just kind of took a chance and asked if I wanted to do it and I said yes. It worked out.

Being the only girl in the band

It’s not too bad. They um…there are a few smells and…other things that aren’t the greatest in the van. But at least we get two hotel rooms now. We all share but it’s not bad. They’re all really good.

“Heartbeats” Cover Song

The Knives is a Swedish band that we all really like and we decided to cover it for a show in Lafayette one night. It got a great response. We brought it to the studio for our EP – to record our EP – and our producer really liked the song. He had never actually heard the original version of it. We just kinda worked with what we came up with and what we had. It gets a really good response and a lot of people know it. It’s a lot of fun to play.

How they got signed to a label

It’s a  funny story actually. It was Halloween in New Orleans – Halloween night – and we were playing a show on Frenchman Street and we were all dressed up as some kind of gang or something. Jeff who was the president of Dangerbird [Records] at the time, he and his wife came to see us at the show. I think they stayed for four or five songs but that’s how he decided that he wanted to get us on to Dangerbird. It took a while and we took our time to make sure that was the right decision for us. We signed with him in May.

Nora’s Art Designs

I did the last EP cover and the new cover coming out, a couple of the shirts. I just kinda do that for fun. | Facebook | Twitter

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