The Colourist

The Colourist

Maya Tuttle

Singing in The Colourist

I met Adam and we started – we were in another group together that’s how I met him – and this band formed out of that. But it was interesting, the first band I was in with him, neither of us sang, he just played guitar, I played drums. We could not find a singer when we started The Colourist and just sort of sang out of necessity.

Joining the band

I heard about a band that needed a drummer and our influences were the same so I met up with Adam and another member at the time and we just kind of hung out.  And then, they brought me to their practice space and we set up the drums and we were just going to jam out for a bit, and I was playing. And then all of a sudden, Adam’s like, ‘Ok Maya, get off the drums, go sit in the chair in the corner, hold on just one second’. I was like ok, that’s kind of weird, but I sat down. Then, another guy walks in and it was their current drummer who I didn’t realize wasn’t out of the band yet and they were about to have practice. But he didn’t suspect me at all.

“Little Games”

That was the first single we put out. It’s funny, because that song actually came together last in the studio. We almost didn’t put it on the record because we just, there were these puzzle pieces we just couldn’t figure out, it was clicking. And then in the 11th hour we figured it out and it became one of our favorites.

“We Won’t Go Home”

This song was one of the few, or the only on the album, that completely came together during rehearsal pretty much. Someone started playing a guitar riff and we just started working out – I don’t know how it happened we just sort of jammed something out and it just sort of turned into a song. By the end of the night we had “We Won’t Go Home”. So it came together in one magical night which was pretty cool. | Facebook | Twitter

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