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Dan Croll

The music scene in Liverpool

There’s a fantastic music scene at the moment, it’s such a small city that, ya know, everybody knows everybody and everyone’s collaborating. All the bands and artists are sharing great music, so it’s a fantastic scene at the moment.

Working with Paul McCartney

I’d been in London the day before playing a London showcase and I drove back from London, got back about 6 AM in the morning, had about 4 hours sleep, and then went into my University where I went to – the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts – and had my meeting at 10. I sat inside the room and waited for Paul McCartney and then he came in with his guitar and we kind of just sat down for 45 minutes and, yeah just kind of played him two of my tracks. One called “Home” and one called “Marion”. He got his guitar and started playing along with them and harmonizing and just hanging out more than anything. It was a once in a lifetime moment and it was just an incredible feeling.

His Karaoke Passion

The new thing that started here in Liverpool, just down the road which is called “Rockaoke” and it’s basically just a cheap bar and live band that do Old School Rock N’ Roll bands, just sing Rock N’ Roll songs, you just get up and sing and I think it’s just great fun.

Dan’s Go-To Karaoke Song

A-ha – “Take On Me”

“From Nowhere” 

At no point in the song does it have the words “From Nowhere” in it. Usually I think when artists pick a name for their songs it comes from the lyrics within it. But originally I’d just bought a Farfisa organ off of Ebay for 5 pounds, and got it over to my place. It has like this built in drum machine… As soon as I turned on the organ this drum beat came on which is the start of “From Nowhere”. I started playing those chords and it all came together in 10 minutes.

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