Desert Noises

desert noises band picKyle Henderson

A Band Based around Touring

I started it in my parent’s basement with my brother. Eventually, the lineups were changing really quickly. I kind of stopped, and I toured with another band for a while and then came back and became a business analyst. I just wasn’t really happy. And then decided to leave everything behind and just go on tour. I found this group of dudes that wanted to do the same thing. Now we’ve just been doing that for the last 3 years. I never knew Pat or Brennan before I lived in a van with them. Or Tyler really.

The Utah – Mormon Connection

Utah’s the best. We love home. But yeah, we’re not necessarily very religious, I would say. Maybe we will be one day, but I don’t know. I think we’re all just searching for our own paths…Being around that, growing up in that, that’s a huge part of what we were; who we are. We’ll never forget that or regret that. It’s just maybe something that we don’t choose to do.

“Out of My Head”

That song came from a bedroom, on my classical guitar. I don’t really know how that all happened. Usually a song just pops into your head. Its’ not really you writing it, it feels like someone else is writing it, not you. That’s how it usually goes – by the time you’re done writing you feel like you never started.


A lot of that was from Tyler writing this bass line groove. We were just jamming really on that song. Like at practice, just taking an extra jam, I dunno. That just spawned out of the jam.

John Johnson and the Exotic Fish…?

I had a dream once that…I don’t really remember but we were searching for band names at the time, and I’d written this name down on a piece of paper during the middle of the night on my nightstand and. I woke up the next morning and was like, “Oh that’s a cool band name. Our band name sucks right now and we should probably change it to this instead.”…It was John Johnson and the Exotic Fish….Riley our bass player at the time – Riley Johnson – his dad’s name was John Johnson and he sold exotic fish for a living. So… | Facebook | Twitter


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