Logan, Luke, Ethan, Porter & Matt

Making their Debut Album: Alpha – Omega

Ethan: We didn’t always think we were going to do an album. A lot of it was for fun at first and eventually we just thought it was time to do it.

Logan: I think it was once we played the Big Ass Show with X96, that was when we really said, “Alright dude we gotta think about this whole thing, and what’s going on with the future, and if we’re gonna keep doing this.”

“Forest Jam”

Logan: We spent a lot of time from October to like January demoing, and we demoed this song. We wrote the song “Tigre” first…so it was one of the presets on my guitar I was playing with, and I started playing this thing…

Porter: So at the end of “Tigre”, Logan was doing this little breakdown thing and we just started to hear a new song, so we just started jamming.

Logan: Yeah like I was saying, it was really natural, how it came out. And then we added in a lot of little stuff. We played on a bunch of trashcans we brought in like cymbals and put them on top of the trashcans and different things. We hit them and made samples.

Parental Support

Logan: All of our parents have been really supportive. They’ve never stepped on our song or anything or said, “You can’t do this or this or this,” or, “We have this or this for you”. They’ve just been like, “Do what you can. We’ll throw some money your way if you need it – in dire need.” But it’s been very much us.

Ethan: We’ve been loaned money by our parents, but we had to pay them back.


Porter: Luke was just like doing this cool swell thing on the guitar…So I just went big on the drums, and from there it just wrote itself.

The Band Name

Logan: There’s no story behind it…There was a point where it had to be crunch time – think of a name. Solarsuit really honestly when it came out the way it did, it’s two words, combined together that sound really cool, that’s unique. I’d love to have a story. I’ve thought about different things I could say…the main reason why we chose it honestly is because it kind of represents our sound…it fits our sound really well.

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