The Used

The Used

Quinn Allman

How their sound has changed

I wouldn’t say our sound has changed off into this other crazy direction. I think for different albums we do different things. Depending on what we’re feeling at the time, we kind of, we make it that. I think the songs have come to be a little bit more about helping others and showcasing some hope and giving people messages of unity, trying to give people some stuff to relate to. As far as other songs, I mean we have songs that are kind of more still of a punch in your face. That’s kind of like The Used’s thing, really heavy songs with a dark uplifting lyric. We kind of still do the same things; I think our music is in the same boat.

Their writing process

Right now we’re all spread out all over the world. Bert, our singer lives in Sydney Australia, Jeph lives in Panama, Dan lives in L.A., I’m still here in Utah. My thing is to – I usually come up with the music first. I come up a song or some chords on my guitar or whatever, a little melody. I can record it on my phone or record it on my laptop, the demo, and then I’ll email that off. And then we all just learn it, stuff like that, and then we’ll get together for about two weeks before we go into the album. We just sit and sift through the ones we like. We open up the notebooks and start writing lyrics and see what works. That’s really our process. It’s kind of like we get a little rough idea on the guitar first. We’ll get 20 or 30 songs that are rough and then we say oh these ones are really cool, these ones I can hear a melody in this song so let’s work on that one. So that’s usually what we do, there’s not really a set way; we sometimes just make it up right on the spot.


I was playing these chords and I was like gosh, these chords are really pretty, they’re really cool. I think Bert walked in and he’s like ‘dude listen to these lyrics I have.’ He’d written some stuff in his phone and just right away, he’s like keep playing that ‘no one can take it away…’ and he just started singing exactly to it and we’re like wow, that’s it. It’s one of those really special moments.


This song is about an inner revolution for mankind and for people at this exact moment. It’s about people waking up to what’s going on right in front of us, in this state, in this town, in this neighborhood, in your body, your decisions, the food you eat, the things you watch, the things that you read, the love that you spread and everything that you do is part of an evolution. If you’re not going to jump onto that and start living your life with some purpose and hope, then you’re just going to drag everyone down with you. You’re just going to get left in the rubble. So it’s about evolving. | Facebook | Twitter

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