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Matt Healy

We’ve been together for about 10 years. We just met at school at the age of about 13 and we started playing in a kind of pop-punk band and we stayed with each other ever since and we just used to make music in our town near Manchester…I suppose it was just for fun. I mean, when you’re like 13, you’re not really doing anything because you think it’s cool ‘cause you haven’t really formed your social identity at that point. Everything you do is just a pursuit of fun. And I think that’s been a main factor that’s stuck with us, you know. We’ve always just done this for ourselves and always never let it kind of be compromised. So yeah, we met at 13 and we’ve seen each other every single day ever since.

The Band Name:

The story’s kind of been a bit romanticized, I suppose. It comes from a book that I got when I was on holiday when I was about 19, I got given this book by this artist that I’d met. When I came to reading it, it had kind of been treated like a diary by a previous owner and it had loads and loads of scribblings in it. And it was dated, “First of June, The 1975”. I just liked the use of the word “the”, I thought it was quite jarring, I thought it was interesting and it just stuck with me so when we came to name the band it seemed like quite an appropriate name.

Where’s ‘The 1975’ diary now?

I think I gave it to a girl to like impress her. But it was before the band was actually doing anything so I didn’t really think anything of it…I need to get it off her…I can’t remember who it was. You’ve heard our songs. You know what I’m like.

The EP’s – get ready to fall in love: 

With the EP’s we wanted people to kind of fall in love with our band like you fall in love with a person. I think you need, and I mean kind of in the way that the more you know about someone over a longer period of time, then the more you both invest in the relationship and the more rewarding it is for both parties. And I think the fact that we’ve released a lot of material, it’s given people an opportunity to really really emotionally invest in the band before they’re provided with an album.

*Listen to their 4 EP’s here:*

“Chocolate” (single):

It’s a love letter to the authority figures in our town – you know about small town boredom, both by the kids and by the police.

“Me” (single):

That song, I suppose, is me at my most guilty. Which, I suppose, is a running theme through a lot of the record ‘cause a lot of our records are quite self-deprecating. I think it’s a song about me apologizing really. It came about very quickly, that song… ‘Me’ was written and recorded in about a day. |  Facebook | Twitter

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