Jack Antonoff

Starting Bleachers

Bleachers is almost more like a continuation of Steel Train which, I was doing Steel Train at the same time as fun., and then Steel Train broke up and then I was just doing fun. I kind of always had this album in my head that I wanted to make that was sort of like a continuation of what Steel Train was or I guess whatever my solo stuff was. And it just slowly came to form as I was traveling the world. Literally, we made the album all over the world.

Managing fun. and Bleachers

The only issue is scheduling, artistically it’s a dream because I get to pull ideas from different places and I get to kind of have these two different experiences that inspire each other.

The Bleachers hotline

I grew up in the 90’s, and hotlines were really big in the 90’s. The idea sort of popped into my head and I was thinking just about new ideas. I feel like with the way the internet works and the way people release music, the whole concept of everything being so new and forward is now kind of old and whatever. Feels like everyone is doing the same thing, so I just wanted to find something that was outside of the realm, somewhere that we could just stream music, do funny stuff, tell stories, have lyrics and whatnot. So the hotline is just this ever changing source of bizarre information and music. And I think it’s kind of cool to look backwards sometimes, at the way people used to do things.

Future Bleachers music

 The album is done, there’s eleven songs that are finished and exist, they’re just not out yet. Everything was done actually before I released “I Wanna Get Better” because I wanted to have the whole project conceptualized and finished and ready to go before anything came out. I hated the idea of putting out a song, seeing what people thought, blah blah blah, I just wanted to do something without anyone even knowing I was doing it. Finish it, having it be totally pure and then releasing it afterwards. So the album has been done for a while and will come out very soon.

The Bleachers album

It’s really exciting. What I love most about the album is that it wasn’t like I was in my room, staring at the wall for nine months and was like “Oh God, I’ve gotta go make an album”, it was the opposite because I was on tour and so busy and had no time, but yet I felt very compelled to make this music in really strange circumstances. It speaks a lot about what the album means to me, that it was made when it was made. I felt like I had to make it. | Facebook | Twitter

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