broods band

Caleb & Georgia Nott

From: New Zealand

The Writing Process

Georgia: It’s about playing to our strengths. So, I’m really good at writing sad songs, and Caleb’s really good at producing really catchy and upbeat production, so we join those together. That’s kind of how “Bridges” came about, cuz it started out as a really sad song, and we just uplifted it a little bit so it almost seems like through the production, the sadness of the song was relieved, if you get my drift here. The song itself doesn’t have like a proper conclusion, but you feel better about it.

Brother-Sister Dynamics

Caleb: We know each other better than anyone else, and we know each other’s dynamics and moods inside and out. It’s very easy to travel with someone like that. It’s a lot of fun.


Georgia: Well I came up with a concept for lyrics and stuff, and wrote a few words for it then brought it to Caleb. He really liked it, so he just basically refined it down to what it is now.

How They Were Discovered

Caleb: We’d been writing with Joel [Joel Little, Lorde’s producer] that whole year, and we’d been working on that EP, and we finally went, “Alright, let’s chuck something out there. Show mom and dad and friends what we’re up to.” And then within a week, we were charting on Hype Machine and stuff like that. It was pretty nuts.

The Band Name

Georgia: It sums up the kind of music that we play, and it also has this element of family with the whole brood of chickens. It’s kind of the weirdest connection, but it’s still a connection. But mainly it’s just cuz the music that we play; we’re quite emotive song writers.

Debut Album out August 2014!

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