Junior Prom

Junior Prom

Mark & Erik

Their future album

Erik: “We’re sitting on about 25 songs or so to sift through, we’re kind of in the final stretch right now. We’ve already started working on this debut album of ours about two or three weeks ago, but we kind of want to just see what we can squeeze out in the process. One or two more songs, just see what we come up with.”

Mark: “I’m of the mindset where I’m always like ‘oh, we have these songs but I know I can do better’, let me keep going, so it’s been a hard thing to say ‘oh, we’re doing writing’. So it’s kind of one of those things like ‘let’s keep going’, even though we’re long past the deadline.”

Album release date

Mark: “I would say next year because, you know we haven’t made it yet and then it takes a little bit of time to set it up and do all the promotional stuff. So, probably next year, early. But I’m sure we’ll drop a new song, this year, definitely. The first single at least. “

Writing Process

Erik: “Pretty much how it goes is, Mark will come at us with an idea. He’ll have a demo, sometimes a skeleton of a demo, sometimes a formed idea. And we’ll sort of just rip right into it, pick it apart and try and figure out the best path to take. At that point of the process, it becomes a collaborative effort where – I mean the cool thing too is that me and Mark are more often than not on the same sonic page, as far as where we want to take the song.  And really at the end of the day, it’s all in the best interest of the song, what works best for the song.”

How They Met

Mark: “A website called OkCupid. We were both cruising it, and his picture popped up and he had the cutest little mustache. I was like I want to play music with that guy, I don’t want to date him but I’d like to play  music with him.”

Erik: “I thought you reached out to me because of the strength of my profile.”

Mark: “Well, it was a pretty strong profile. Pretty witty, he had some Breakfast Club quotes, you never see those I guess. Jon Hughes was the man.”

Erik: “We met four years ago Richie, Mark moved to New York about four years ago from Pittsburgh and he moved into a mutual friends apartment. Basically from day one,  we started playing music together. We were in a band together with those said mutual friends, and we were playing with them for a while and then realized that we kind of wanted to do our own thing.  We realized that we shared the same goals in what we wanted to do musically and so it kind of made sense to just break apart and figure this out on our own.”

The Band Name

Mark: “We were in a bar one day and we were talking about possible names and someone suggested senior prom and this old drunk dude sitting a couple feet down was eavesdropping and he was like ‘na na na – Junior Prom’.

“Sheila Put The Knife Down”

Erik: “Someone’s name who sounds an awful lot like Shelia does exist, but the names were changed to protect the, well really to make our lives easier, less drama. Less Lawsuits.”

The Lost Album

Mark: “Keep in mind also, for future fans or current fans, there is a lost album. We recorded the album then scrapped it, then recorded the EP.”

Erik: “You ain’t gonna find it. Trust me. But yeah, we essentially wrote an entire album’s worth of music.”

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