Nick Hexum

Playing with Dirty Heads in SLC

It’s gonna be a beautiful disaster. Yeah they’re a killer band.

His Side Projects

I’ve actually been writing some kind of electronic, more DMC stuff, which I know is more of a polarizing thing, especially when you talk about it on a rock station but I love stuff in every genre…it’s just fun to be creative and explore…Right now I’ve been doing some guest spots on other artists.

If he couldn’t do music…

One thing I love about being a musician is this sort of slightly…activism feeling. Even though I don’t politically preach or anything like that I feel like I’m doing some kind of good work…to entertain…and spread positive vibes…So I would love to have, if it wasn’t music, it’d be something that has kind of a heart behind it. Whether it would be like being in politics to try and help out. I mean, I’m a people person. I loved to debate when I was in high school and whatnot…so I guess some sort of activism/politics.

Their latest album, Stereolithic

We feel it’s a return to some of the more wild creativity that we have had in previous albums…it’s fun being on our own label where we could just make whatever album we wanted and just let the creativity flow…We made the album that we wanted, and I think our fans have been really excited and receptive…it’s a longer album so there are more departures.

Collaborative Lyric Team

As this band goes on it becomes a lot more collaborative. That’s the way to keep it fresh, is to bring more voices in. And there’s lyrics that I would have never come up with on our own, but they came out of that group conscious of sitting down and talking things out…just kind of talking about society, and where things are going and technology. You name it. We get into a lot of new subjects on this record.

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