X Ambassadors – #3

jungle x am

Sam Harris

Jay-Z’s Remix of “Jungle”

Just before I got on the phone with you I saw that Jay-Z posted about it [“Jungle”] on his Facebook page, which is so crazy. I’m so excited. The song was something that we just kinda put together and was a cool thing that we just did on our own with no real thought to what it would be or what would happen with it. Then it just turned into this beast, and the wheels started rolling. Before I knew it, one of my heroes was rapping on a remix of it. So it’s really pretty incredible.

“Jungle” Collaboration with Jamie N Commons

I had the track prior to ever working with Jamie. Alex sent me this incredible beat that he had produced with this guy, Mike Del Rio, and I sat down, I wrote this hook to it. I wrote it and recorded it right in my girlfriend’s kitchen actually. Those are the vocals that you hear on the track – those are recorded in a kitchen apartment…I sent it to Alex [Da Kid], and Alex was like,”You know what, I’m going in to the studio with Jamie tomorrow. I’m going to show it to him, see what he thinks of it.” Jamie wrote these verses pretty quickly, and there it was. It’s done.

Debut album ETA?

Debut album will be coming out hopefully January 2015…Well, we’re going in in like two weeks to start production on it. We have the two EP’s that we’re gonna pull from, and then we have about ten more new songs that we’re working on. We’re gonna lay those down. We gotta get it perfect man. This is our big moment. We’ve been working toward this for so, so long. We don’t wanna mess it up; we wanna get it right. But I can tell you now that the material – between the two EP’s and some of this new stuff that we have – we couldn’t be more proud of where we’re at right now.

Future plans

We’re gonna be doing a bunch of our own turning in the fall and a little bit into winter. Right now, the future is unwritten. A lot of things keep coming up now that there’s this momentum with “Jungle”.  So we’re just gonna have to wait and see.

Reuniting with Imagine Dragons at Firefly

They’re like family for us. You know, they’re kind of like our big brothers…They’re still the same humble guys that we met a couple years ago. They’re killing it right now, and they could easily be as pompous or as arrogant as they want., but they’re not. And that, to me, is a true sign of a rock star.

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