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Matt Bigland

Dinosaur Pile-Up 2Dinosaur Pile-Up 1The Band Name

I thought of it ages ago when I was watching the new – well it was new at the time – the most recent King Kong movie…There’s like a big dinosaur pile-up and it’s totally ridiculous, and I walked out of the cinema with all the guys and I was like, “I have to start a band called Dinosaur Pile-Up.  That was so insane.”…It’s crazy the attention the name gets before the band.

The Leeds Music Scene

Leeds has an amazing music scene, like a really kickin’ punk rock scene and kinda underground rock bands and stuff. So that was an amazing place to come from.

American Influence

I kinda think it’s that thing of often English bands listeDinosaur Pile-Up 1n to American bands, and American bands listen to English bands. That could be a generalization ‘cuz obviously I’m a massive fan of The Beatles and The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. I’m a huge fan of those guys. But a lot of the music we were listening to as a band was actually American – you know the kind of grunge and punk rock thing and heavy metal thing. I think in our songs we have a load of Beatles influences, but we actually get more American references given to us more than The Beatles.


Peninsula as a song though is one of my favorite songs off the second record…especially ‘cuz  it’s just super upbeat and super bassy. That  was the first single in America for us to release, and to go and everything. I just think it’s a killer song, really exciting.

Tweet them whenever you hear “Derail”!

That’s gonna be on the radio in the summer and stuff. It would be killer if everybody that’s listening could  listen out for that. If you hear it, obviously just tweet us. Our handle on twitter is @dinsoaurpileup…We could probably even send you t-shirts and stuff like that. Little prizes or whatever.

The Story behind the Album Cover

That’s actually me. That’s me facedown…We went into the studio to do the cover shoot with some photographers…Gradually, as the English do, we were having beers as we were shooting. It got later and later. It ended up at like 4 in the morning and we had no shot, we had no cover, and we were totally bummed out…By this time we’d kind of drank a lot, and I just started convulsing around on the floor. That’s actually a yellow curve wall – a massive space that curves up…That image is me kind of just holding a pose for a second and one of them took it and they were like, “Yeah, that’s it.” It was crazy! Six hours of nothing and then one photograph at the end.

 Nature Nurture out now!

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