Finish Ticket

finish ticket

Brendan & Michael Hoye

Formation of the band

We started in High School, about 2008. It was originally a little different line up. But pretty much, the members that are now in the band that started it were me, my brother Michael, and then Alex is on guitar. We were playing around a lot in High School and we really enjoyed music, but we had to go off to college. Probably in most of our first years, we were all off for like a year or two, within that first year for most of us we kind of just wanted to pursue music because we wanted to do it when we were young. In that process we lost a few members. We then met Gabe, our drummer, through Craigslist. We had a lot of auditions, but his was a really great one and we after a few auditions came back to him and asked him to join us on a tour.

Being a “Brother Band”

We really weren’t even thinking about it, it was such a weird process because Gabe joined first, and then Nick just started touring with us, helping us out because we needed a keyboard player live. Eventually he just kind of joined the official line up. Pretty recently actually, is when Nick joined. Once it happened, now everyone, we have all these articles trying to call it a band of brothers. It’s kind of new to us but we see why it’s a good marketing ploy.

Writing Process

I’ll write, I like to call it the skeleton of a song, the foundation the chords, the melody and stuff. And even sometimes just the basic idea. I usually like to take my time before I bring something to the band because I, you know, even though we’ve been working since like 2008 together I’m still pretty shy about sharing songs, so I like to be pretty confident in what I’m bring to the band.


“Tranquilize” is about this thought I had. I forgot why it popped into my head but I was just thinking about how you can spend your whole life just making friendships, making relationships and become close to people you really cherish and it’s just crazy how fast you can lose someone like that and it can change your whole life. And it’s not, at that point nothing like that had ever happened to me but I just – I don’t know. Sometimes I will be up late at night thinking about stuff that’s got me down and that’s where the song came from. It’s the story of some one accepting that this person is in the hospital and they’re going to, I mean they’re going into the hospital to talk to them. That’s what the verses are about. And then the chorus is kind of just I was feeling like what really the point of trying is if you can just lose it all so fast. That’s the line ‘your tiger eyes’, it’d be like your ambition and your drive to pursue relationships. I guess I was just thinking what’s the point? I don’t really feel that way. The song is really actually pretty uplifting, I feel like the tone is more uplifting, it should be taken more optimistically, but that was just the original thought I had.

Changing “Bring The Rain”

That was maybe the one song on the album that we never really got a chance to play live before we went to the studio and recorded it. Just through playing it live, after we initially released the album, that song really changed. It became much more of an upbeat kind of rock song as opposed to the first kind of laid back version we had. Just playing it live, it became this immensely fun song for us and we felt like the recording didn’t really capture that.

Re-releasing Tears You Apart

We were very fortunate to get the sort of re-release. We felt like there was a lot of life left in the album, so many people haven’t heard of it and Atlantic felt the same way. For us, it’s kind of a good opportunity for both of us. We get to spend a lot more time making the next record even stronger than this one. Now we have that extra year. Normally right now we’d probably be in the studio getting our second full length ready, but now we are going to have a whole year and I’m really excited about that. | Facebook | Twitter

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