The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

Lee & Josh

The Writing Process

Lee: Really, it’s a group effort.

Josh: It really is, we’ll come in and Lee will have a guitar part one day, I’ll have a guitar part, Joey will have a guitar part somebody will be like I have an idea for a chorus or a melody and everything snowballs.

Lee: It’s awesome because, I think for Josh and I personally, this is like, I think for myself my last band that had played warped dates, I was a full writer there. Josh, his situation was he was kind of responsible (for song writing) in his last band. Joey and I had been in a band years ago together, so to come in together… I kind of started with this idea of The Lost Boys. I turned to two good friends of mine, Josh and Joey and said you know what, I want to do this. “Wasting My Time” was actually the very first song we all wrote together. Everything from that point has been super collaborative and it’s always an exchanging of idea. We start, like Josh said, I bring an idea in or Josh brings an idea in, we might start there, within four hours it’s light years ahead of what we started with because we’re all getting our hands on it. It’s really fun, it’s awesome. It’s great to have people that can contribute as much as you do individually.

Finishing the EP 

Lee: We had one song that we had a pre-chorus and a chorus with, had no idea what we were going to do on the verses or the bridge.  Literally, hours before we had to finish vocals Josh and I came up with vocal melodies and the lyrics on the spot to finish the song.

Josh: It’s my mom’s favorite song.

Lee: Yeah.  Whether it was  procrastination or luck of the draw or divine intervention, it worked out.

“Lost Boy”

Lee: Lost Boy came out a few months back, I think it was December of 2013? That was the first song I shared with Joey and Josh and I’m like ‘Hey, I’m starting something and I want you to be a part of it,’ before I could even finish the song or get it out of my mouth Josh was like, I’m in. We’ve been friends for a long time and, we’ve always wanted to do something musically together so it was awesome. It’s been nothing but fun.

Formation of the band

Lee: It all kind of came from three other bands in the Dayton area. Like I said before Joey had a band before this, Josh had a band and I had a band. When all those kind of ended, everyone took some time off and I just went straight back to the studio, I’m like I’m not done! I knew Josh, I knew Joey, I knew them personally and where their thoughts on music were. On the macro level, I know they’ve got fire in the basement so, it just worked out. We haven’t looked back since, we’ve just been writing and writing and writing. The only real shows we’ve done thus far have been kind of off beat for us. We’re not an acoustic band but JT Woodruff from Hawthorne Heights is a good friend of ours, and he does solo shows acoustically when he’s home. He hit us up and was like ‘Would you guys like to come out and play your songs before Warped?’ and Josh and I looked at each other like yeah, that sounds like fun to push ourselves outside of our boundaries. So, we went out and I think we did 3 or 4 shows with him and Grey Gordon and Front Porch Step, that was really fun. It was cool to push our boundaries  that way.

Warped Tour

Lee: That actually came through a relationship I have with Kevin, like I said we’ve all been in bands before and my band was called Life After Liftoff. We actually won, we won the Ernie Ball battle of the bands three years in a row for the Ohio market, for the Indiana market and we really had a lot of steam behind us and the rest of the guys wanted to go off and use their degrees and have normal lives at that point. It was slated that I was going to take out that band but, it didn’t exist anymore so Kevin  looked and me and was like ‘well, what are you doing?’ and I showed him “Wasting My Time” and he asked us if we’d like to come out.

“Sleepless Nights” debut EP

Josh: The songs that we just played will be on the EP, we’re looking to release it our first day on Warped. (July 16th)

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