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Charlie Brand

How the band met: Cyber Buddies!

We’ve been together for about six years or so. We – the keyboardist Rick and I – met through Myspace years back when that was still a thing. We were kinda pen pals through Myspace, and then we just started getting together and jamming, and the rest is history from there. We were like cyber buddies for a while.

The Band Name

It was just like a name that was being kicked around. I don’t even recall it having any kind of major significance other than I needed to title my Myspace something…Well I think, I have a log of song title ideas that sometimes I’ll find one and work off that, and maybe it’s a phrase I’ve heard, or a couple words that pop in my head, or something I’ve seen. I think that was one on a list of that, and I just was like, that would be a good band name and just went with it. I wish I had a better answer for you.

Recording in Jamaica

Why not? Our last few albums we’ve done have been recorded very quickly and in kind of claustrophobic spaces like one was an office space that we had rented out; we’ve recorded in a basement, a snowed-in church, like we really hadn’t had any kind of nice recording environments up until now. Then this opportunity came up so we just leaped at it, of course. We had an opportunity to go to this place in Jamaica and stay and work every day, and it was incredible

There wasn’t a whole lot to do there other than swim or record – which is all we really wanted to do anyway. The energy of waking up every day and being that relaxed going in to the studio, I don’t think we labored over anything more than maybe took like three takes at a guitar part or vocals were just a couple takes. Everything came very easily I think ‘cuz we were in such a blissed out vibe.

Is that why the album’s called Cruel Runnings?

Yeah. That started as a hashtag – stupid thing – it started as a hashtag for the trip and then later on when we were coming up with album titles and stuff we just said, it just seemed like the most natural thing to title it; it didn’t seem like a forced idea it just felt like oh yeah this comes up, this journey we all went on making this album together.

 “Used To Be The S*%!” Video

I think that conversation [about stuff that used to be the s#*!] happens the further you get from those things. And also realizing you know a lot of our younger fans, sometimes I’ll be talking to someone and then I’ll realize wow, they don’t have context to what I’m talking about at all. Like I was talking to this 12 year-old kid the other day and he didn’t know who Nirvana was or hadn’t even heard of Nirvana, and I was like, “Whoah this is crazy! How could you not know Nirvana? Well you weren’t even born yet, I guess?” I feel like to put all those things in a video for me is to kind of like put them in some kind of vault or Smithsonian kind of vibe.

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