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Amicable Split from The Neighbourhood?

Yeah. Pretty much. Parting of ways – mutual parting of ways. We were together for two years. I was there form the beginning and then just ran into some differences down the line and decided to split.

There was a definite feeling of, “Alright, well what now.” It was never one hundred percent clear what was next for me. I gave it some thought. I mean I actually dropped out of school – I went to college for five years, and I dropped out with three weeks left for the band, to pursue it one hundred percent. So there was that initial feeling of, “Well ok. I only have a semester left, I went to college for 5 years. Do I go back? Do I pursue a solo thing full time? Do I go back to my old 9-5?” There was a whole day where I really took it, sat down, and tried to figure it out. At the end of the day, I love making music so I mine as well do what I love and see how it works out. Give it a shot.

The Solo Life

That’s the crazy thing about this whole project right now is that it’s just me. I know a lot of other people right now who have managers or PR people or blah blah blah but on my end, it’s just me. I think that going to college for Music Business and then also being in the band [The Neighbourhood] for two years really helped me be able to do this – be able to do it on my own for now.

Starting A Poetry Club

That kind of comes from me being an English major. I always write. I write whether that be short stories, whether that be poetry. Back in college I actually started a poetry club with a good friend of mine – Katya – and it ended up being more of a show-and-tell. You could do whatever. Come play a song or whatever you wanted. But yeah, it’s always been a passion of mine. Just writing. I just always do it. Lyrics are I think one of my favorite things about music. They hit me hard when they’re good.


That was actually – so long story short, when we were recording the first full-length with The Neighbourhood, we met some guys in this band called Lovelife in New York, and I ended up becoming really good friends with them…So when I was recording this EP – I guess it’s called an EP – when I was recording this thing, We were just good buddies. We got together, and they were interested in producing a song so we did. It’s a song called “Revvival” and it turned out great. We did it two days at their spot in L.A.

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