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Matt O’Keefe

From: Elmhurst, Ilinois

Stealing Their Band Name

It was another band’s name in our high school; we just took it from them because they were big – big enough to where kids would actually go see them play at like some kid’s party or something. We were nameless and we figured, hey, let’s just put on this flyer that The Orwells are playing and a bunch of kids will come. So we did that and it worked. Then we just did it a few more times as a joke and then eventually we were just like, “Well, we’re gonna be The Orwells too. There’s gonna be two Orwells in this school.”…It took about a month or two and then they ended up switching their name, which was pretty hilarious that we just took their name and made them change theirs.

“Who Needs You”

That was me just fooling around.  We set practice every Fridays during high school, that was the thing. Every Friday we practiced, and we had to write a song. Whether it be good or bad we had to write a song and record it… Then the next day was the day that they announced – we woke  up and they were announcing that they were pulling troops from Iraq or something, I can’t remember what it was. So we were like, “Oh, we could do like a cool kind of throwback to the troops coming home from Vietnam – those old ‘60’s garage songs. Let’s try that.” And that was the original plan. We had that riff that kinda sounded malicious with the stomping, like troops marching. And we go, “That’s perfect.” So then it ended up turning into this anti-American ramble.

“The Righteous One”

Same thing kind of, where it was a riff that we’d came up with just a little bit before we had band practice. I remember we kinda threw it away. Not that special. So we kept trying to write other stuff. Then eventually it was getting late and we were like, we’re not gonna do a song today.  Let’s just try going back to that last little bass line and guitar thing that we had. So we went back to that. And then really it happened all in one try. We were sophomores in High School when we wrote that – so we wrote “The Righteous One” three years ago, and it just finally officially got released. ‘Cuz we always keep it in the set when we play, and usually it would get the best reaction so we were like, well, we should bring that song back and put it on Disgraceland.

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