Panama Wedding

panama wedding

Peter Kirk

From: Oyster Bay, NY

Favorite thing to do growing up

Ride my bike. I think from the age of kindergarten to 9th grade, I think I rode my back every single day of my life. I used to do BMX racing and go to trails and stuff. I was really in to bike riding…I was fast but I wasn’t good at tricks or jumps or anything. I was probably too scared for that stuff. I would just always love riding my bike with my friends all over Long Island…I had a pretty serious bike for a 5th grader.

The Songwriting Process

I thus far have written everything…I’m not like a dictator in a room telling people what to do. I think a lot of these songs, I’ll demo out on my own or run some sort of simulations and use either Pro Tools or Ableton to arrange them or how they’re going to sound. At the point where I take them to the live band they’re fully fleshed out arrangement of songs; it’s more a matter of just filling it in.

“All of the People”

Without getting too literal, I wrote that song in the winter time, and I think the basic sort of idea was to capture the feeling of winter turning into spring and spring turning into summer. The idea of being in a really crowded city that’s really hot and escaping and leaving and going somewhere. Sort of being free. That was the general idea…There’s specific lines in the song like, “The vault behind the face on the red room wall”, I mean we have a red room in our house that I grew up in and there’s an oil painting of a face. That’s where I got the idea from. I don’t know if there’s a really literal narrative about what a person’s doing. I think it’s all just sort of in the general sense about getting out of the city and escaping during the summertime, which I think a lot of people, at least in New York, can relate to.

Why Panama Wedding?

Panama Wedding is actually the name of a song that I wrote about 2 years ago. At the time I was releasing music under my name Peter Kirk, and I guess sometime last spring I wanted to release music under a moniker that more closely represented the type of music I was making, or I wanted to make. I don’t think there was a lot of thought put in to it…It was just a name that naturally sprang to mind. And the song “Panama Wedding” is about a mutual friend of a person I used to live with, of someone living in New York City who was from Panama and wanted to go back home to Panama to find a husband and get married. I just thought there’s this sorta funny, fantastical idea about moving to Panama to find somebody to get married.

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