Emil Sylvester Jakobsen

The band  lineup

Me and the drummer Andreas joined the band after the former drummer and guitarist dropped out. We were in a former band and then we joined. It’s approximately three years ago, right after the first album was released. So we toured the first album and then we did the new one.

Touring for an album he didn’t write

It felt like it’s not my work, but it was fun doing it. We played a lot in Holland and we played a lot in Germany and Denmark as well. For me it was like going from zero to one hundred in a split second. It felt kind of overwhelming. The most awkward thing was to write autographs… that’s really not my job when it’s not my work. I’m good friends with the old guitarist and drummer so I know them really well, and we speak to them like once a week maybe. There’s no hard feelings going around, we all have this together so it’s fine.

Writing Rite De Passage

That’s our work together. We had a really long session rehearsing, writing new stuff, rehearsing even more, trying something out live. We finally came up with this full album. I think we maybe did a whole album before, we just deleted and then started all over. It’s a really long process.

Music Videos

It’s something we do together, it’s like  – we like to do things our own way. All the way through from merchandise to videos and the music. It’s kind of like brainstorming, we have a document, and then we meet at my place to discuss some ideas back and forth. Then we made the whole video and shot it in one day. It’s all together. (We did) the same thing with “Waves”.

Side jobs

I work as the store manager for Levi’s, at a Levi’s store which I just quit actually. The other guys are studying and one is working as a bartender now and then so we all like having side jobs to support our music habits.

Band name

In 2006 when the guys made Annasaid they had a friend called Anna and she really wanted to be in a band and she couldn’t, so they named the band Annasaid just to put her in in some way. I don’t think she played music, but she really really wanted to be in a band, so yeah. It’s a lame story, but it’s true. | Facebook | Twitter

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