Cage The Elephant

Daniel “Tich”, Brad, Matt, Lincoln

— Cage The Elephant has Legal Guardianship over Lincoln —

Brad: We all went to high school together.

Matt: Same High School.  We knew Daniel from when we were kids and then Lincoln, actually back when MySpace was still the thing, he would hit us up on MySpace and be like, “Uh, can I come jam with your band some time?” We saw him at a restaurant and invited him to come out, and it was a perfect fit. He was only 15 years-old when that happened. Six months after that we moved to England and his parents had to sign over legal guardianship to us. So we were his legal guardians.

Brad: We were perfect examples.

Lincoln: I had brad as a dad before he even had his daughter.

Matt: And I was the mother.

From Bowling Green, Kentucky

Matt:  I think there’s good music happening everywhere. We champion it because we’re from there and we’re able to see a lot.

Lincoln: There’s always been a lot of great people out of Bowling Green, like Foster and Lloyd, Sam Bush. Really good, maybe not most popular musicians on a global thing, but really well-respected in the community.

Matt: My Morning Jacket’s from Kentucky too.

Brad: I think when you’re in a small town, there’s not much else to do. It’s either play music or…

“Tich”: We went to Nashville though.

Matt: Yeah that’s how it happened. We would go to Nashville and play shows every weekend and I ended up signing a production deal and then moved to England to pursue it.

Moving To England: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Utopia”

Matt: It just seemed like this Rock ‘n’ Roll utopia across the seas. All of our heroes had started out there like Jimi Hendrix. You hear the story of him going over, being in someone’s flat and just playing guitar at 2 o’clock in the morning. Everyone woke up and it was the beginning of this new revolution so we were like, “Let’s go over there and do that.”

Music Suggestions from Nashville

Cage The Elephant: Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, Plastic Visions,  Bad Cop, Ranch Ghost, Western Medication, Chrome Pony

England’s Music Scene vs. The U.S.

Matt: In England at the time, if you weren’t the angular guitar, kind of dancey, new-wave band, you weren’t in the in-crowd. So there were very few Punk bands that were over there, which we managed to make friends with a couple of them which was really great to have some friends over there. It was so weird because over there it was like Rock ‘n’ Roll and Punk Rock were on the decline and so uncool. Then we came back over here and it just was an explosion. And then now, you see it teetering back over there where there’s a lot of Rock bands and Punk music and stuff coming back up again. | Facebook | Twitter

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