Echosmith @ Warped Tour 2013

Noah, Sydney, Graham, Jamie

— Family Band —

Sydney: It totally seems like we were forced. Our dad’s a music producer and songwriter too, so that definitely was helpful. We always grew up around music. We didn’t even think of a band till 6 years ago, but we all played separate instruments. It just happened to work.

Jamie: We all grew up obviously around music. Like Sydne said, we all chose our instruments by ourselves with no intent of doing a band. And then 6 years ago we just got an opportunity to play together and we did it.

Sydney: It was a benefit concert

Jamie: It was a 5K for cancer sort of thing. Our dad, actually, was asked to put a band together. So he figured, “You guys wanna try it?” We’re like, “Ok.”

Sydney: We played tons of cover songs, a reggae version of “Love Song”.

Noah: Rage Against The Machine

Jamie: Yeah we played a lot of random things.

Sydney: But then we started writing our own songs after that. Even though it was kinda scattered, we were still like, “Oh, this is kind of fun!” And we’ve been doing it ever since.

— The Band Name — 

Jamie: We were going through literally hundreds of band names and we hated every single one of them. And then we got kind of on the whole idea of blacksmith or goldsmith where you’re shaping metals or shaping gold, and echosmith essentially means shaping sounds. It’s kind of what a band does anyways. We liked how it sounded. It was the first thing we actually liked, it was easy to say; it just felt right.

Sydney: We had a couple other names that were close seconds. I just thought of one of them! I just remembered because someone asked us the same question this morning. One of them was like Rucksman, or something like that. I guess it used to be a little kids toy or something. I dunno.

[Insert Richie T’s 80’s rant on the Teddy Rucksman]

— Balancing School and Music —

Jamie: I mean, I’m the only one that’s graduated, but we do this full time.

Sydney: We’re doing this as a job and we’re seeing it as something that’s definitely the main priority. We are fully homeschooled now. We tried half homeschooled but we just realized that we need to with all the touring and stuff. But yeah, we definitely are dedicated and are gonna be doing this the rest of our lives.

— Protective Brothers — 

Sydney: They’re very protective…I mean, it’s good that they care, but sometimes it’s a little like, “Ok guys, I can deal with this. I can do it.” So far it’s been ok. They’re not too crazy about it. But they’re all with me almost at all times here at Warped Tour. So there’s no room for funny business. | Facebook | Twitter

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