Magic Man

Magic Man

Magic Man

— Writing Process —

Alex: Sam and I do most of the writing. We sort of locked ourselves away before the band came together and formed, so we had a year where we just didn’t really see sunlight and were in our tiny little apartment in Providence writing all the songs that later became all the EP and album songs.

Justine: I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that there were stretches of days where they didn’t leave the house. Which means that they literally didn’t see sunlight.

Sam: There were windows!

Justine: There were windows but you guys would wake up at like, 2 PM and go to bed at 5 AM.

Sam: There’s tons of light at 2 PM.

— The Fox Den —

Alex: To be fair, an important part of the songwriting phase was first nesting and building our little home studio and making sure that it was a very comfortable and inspiring place. So we spent the first couple months just collecting all sorts of weird things; we called it the fox den. We had taxidermy foxes and…

Justine: If you know where the foxes are now, please call Alex Caplow, they are missing. Not joking. They’re gone.

Alex: Someone stole them, I think someone threw a crazy party when we weren’t there and walked off with the foxes.

— Graduating College —

Sam: For Alex and I, we had been talking to our label before we graduated, ended up signing our deal right about the time we did graduate. It was important for us to finish college. [We] didn’t make that decision for Gabe.

Alex: Gabe was born to be a musician though.

Justine: Well I think that they – the label – was also behind you guys completing school.

Sam: That was one great thing about working with Neon Gold and Columbia, they were totally down to take the time to get the project in the right place, and also that meant for us, finishing school.

Gabe joining the band:

Gabe: These guys needed a bassist, I was in my Junior year of college, and they were like, “You wanna come on tour tomorrow?” So I was like, “Ok!” and I left school one day. It was shocking to me how easy it was to leave. I went into and office and I was like, “Hey, I’m gonna go,” and they said ok, and I signed a paper and then I was on tour.

Justine: You literally walked out of a final that you had half-heartedly studied for. |Facebook | Twitter


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