Red Yeti

 red yeti

 Kimball Barker & Coleman Edwards

Why not quit school for music?

Kimball: There are things in school that we’ve learned that have benefited the band. Like in our band, we have a Master in Information Technology or Information Systems, and then we have two Public Relations Majors, and two Marketing Majors. With our combined knowledge, we manage everything about the band. I think a lot of artists have to depend on someone else like a marketing team or manager or things to get their stuff off the ground, and get it out there in the public, but we feel confident that we can do it all ourselves. So our whole idea is to keep things independent and be our own marketing team, our own PR people; we design our own website and things. We like having it all consolidated in one thing – that we make the music, but we also make all the business happen as well.

“Take Us Alive”

Kimball: We write our music together, we find it comes out best that way. “Take Us Alive” was written down in a cabin in Spring City, Utah – which is just this tiny little town. Last August we moved our stuff down there into this cabin and just wrote music for a week. During a break of songwriting, I was just on my guitar playing that opening riff to “Take Us Alive” and everyone kinda perked up. We all got on our instruments and jammed out the rest of it that day.

Testimony: Rock ‘n’ Roll Mormons

Kimball: So we’re all Mormons. Is that specific enough? But we love rock ‘n’ roll. That’s what we grew up on. I know personally rock ‘n’ roll is what got me through some hard times. I know the power of music and I’d like to share that with other people. Red Yeti has always been about making people have a good time and making people feel better about themselves, no matter their walk of life – that everyone can just enjoy the music. It brings people together. That unity – that’s kind of the message of Red Yeti: just get together and have a good time and be the best people you can be.

My philosophy is, if you want to really break the rules, keep The Commandments. It’s not the norm anymore in society…I don’t think we’re like overly religious. I think that people think it’s kind of cool, part of our brand is being good guys also who really like to play hard rock.

Where the hell does Red Yeti come from?

Coleman: It’s named after my pickup truck actually. It’s a 1987 bright red Toyota pickup. We bought a Yeti cooler a few years ago; we put a sticker from Yeti on the back of the truck, the truck got named the Red Yeti after that. We used the truck as the band started: we were getting to gigs, hauling all our equipment around; we put three of us in the little single cab up in the front, driving around. It kind of became part of the band itself, The Red Yeti did, ‘cuz it was all taking us around.

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