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Troupe Gammage

Why is the band name in all-caps?

It looks better that way in my opinion…We’re following in a long tradition of bands rendering their name in all caps. I get to be a part of that world. [Bands like whom?] So many! You know at the time when we had a name there was MGMT and GIVERS. Now there’s bands like HOLY CHILD. It’s a common thing. HEALTH. We talked about doing a tour of just all bands with all-caps. YACHT, HEALTH, GIVERS, SPEAK.

Band you’ve been most excited to meet:

That was Cage The Elephant who we opened for at a club called Antone’s in Austin like four years ago or something. Five years ago maybe? We’ve sort of kept in touch since then, and we see them around. But this show that they played at Firefly [2014], it was the best show. I turned around afterwards and I told the band, “I think that’s the best show I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” And they were all like, “Yeah, totally!” I expected them to be like, “Whoah really? That’s kind of hyperbolic,” but everyone was like, “Yeah, that’s the best show I’ve ever seen.” So I mean, truly mind-blowing, just the amount of energy and the intensity. Their music is so great – every song is just genius. So we watched this incredible show and and then got off the stage and just started hanging out with them. Had a really great talk with the singer, Matt. They’re just the nicest guys. It’s pretty mind-bending to stand there and be like, this guy is just like Mick Jagger – I’m just talking to the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll singer of our generation. So it was really, really cool. That particular performance was definitely a highlight for us.


I remember that intro synth tone was something that we all had really strong opinions on and we tried – you know, we had full days where all of us were just slamming our heads against the wall trying to come up with a sound for that. We’d think we’d got it and then we came back the next day and we were like, “This is horrible.” I remember the day when we got the actual tone that’s in the song, and it was one of the highlights of making the album. There was some party afterwards and we were all just like, “YES! We did it! We got the tone!” That was a huge milestone. From that point, it was just slotting everything in and making it feel good.


It’s super long and it’s kinda crazy, but that one’s actually done really well also. That was the first song that we put out for this record that totally exceeded our expectations, like got to #2 on Hype Machine. This song is 5 minutes long! How is anybody actually responding to this track!? But it’s really exciting to me that people can listen to a five and a half minute song and say, “Yeah, this is really accessible. This is a radio song.”

Pros and Cons of Austin, TX

I actually think that Austin is a really great place to make music because it’s, as you said, a huge music town. It’s a really great creative zone, and there’s a lot of people doing really interesting stuff; the collaborative spirit is really alive. It’s not really as competitive of a place as I think some towns can be. So it’s an amazing place to just go see shows and go hang with other musicians and collaborate. When it comes to promoting, I don’t think it’s a great place to launch a career because getting big in Austin doesn’t really mean anything outside of Austin. Whereas if you’ve got buzz in L.A., it’s like, “This band is the next HAIM!” Or if you’ve got buzz in New York, “This band is the next Grizzly Bear!” No one is really the next Spoon.

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