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Mickey Church

West Coast vs. East Coast: “It’s all cyclical.”

I think because of the internet it’s hard to define boundaries. So it’s tough because, I mean, I lived in New York technically when I started writing songs for this band and then moved back to where I’m from to continue to write. I think headspace more than geographical location has altered the sound of music more than anything…One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s all cyclical. That for a long time it was East Coast – it seemed like every band that I heard about was on the East Coast – and now, it seems like every genre seems to be not from Los Angeles, but moving to Los Angeles.

Starting Music on a “Whim”

I graduated, but I had no intention when I was going to school of starting a band or doing music. It kind of happened on a whim. I went to a friend’s apartment early one morning – errr afternoon but it felt really early – and we were just kind of messing around on a Cassio keyboard and guitar and the first song that came out was “Coming or Going”, which is one of the most popular songs – the only song that I wrote while I was in New York that ended up on the first record and ended up being one of the most popular songs that we have on the first record. So I was DJ-ing even before I was old enough to be in a bar. I was DJ-ing at a bar called Black & White, and I brought the song in on an iPod just to kind of see people’s reaction at the bar. I played it, people were kind of in to it, so that gave me the confidence to put it up online. Then like I said, I guess some blog found out about it somehow. That forced me to take it, I guess, a little big seriously – enough to want to try it.

“I Want A Taste”

That song is going to be the opener on our new album that’s coming out in the fall, I think it’s sometime in September. Mid-September I believe…I think it’s a good indication of…where we head in from the first album to this album. This album is darker and heavier and moodier,…more guitar driven I think than the first one.

The Mickey Minaj Wig

Sometimes I wear a wig. Just sometimes. Sometimes a different color. I don’t know why. I think maybe because I used to have long hair and I miss it. It all happened when we were opening for Santigold in Oakland, and we had a lot of time before our sound check. I was bored and I yelped a wig shop that happened to be closing in 15 minutes that was less than a half a block away. I walk in there and a woman in there asked me why I wanted to try on a blue wig. She ended up being very helpful and said that I looked like Mickey Minaj, and I asked her how she knew my name was Mickey. She said she didn’t but she just mispronounced Nicki Minaj’s name to be Mickey Minaj. So I thought that was kind of a funny, weird coincidence and a sign that maybe that should be my alter-ego.

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