Joey & Christian

— Calling It Quits —

Christian: We’re looking at it more like a victory lap. We won the music industry. We’ve just been a band for a long time. I mean Joey, 3 of the guys in the band have been playing together for like 18 years. We’re older now, and I think some people are ready to see what life is like not being on the road all the time. I think it just felt like the right time for everyone, honestly. We’ve had a good run, we’ve gone more places than we ever thought we’d go, we’ve accomplished more than we ever really could have dreamed of. So I think it was just a timing – time of the life. Life chapter closing and moving on. I mean, we’re old men. Let’s be honest…

Richie: You’re not old!

Christian: I’m grey in the beard now, long in the tooth.

Richie: I was just gonna say, you’ve got a little salt and pepper.

Joey: It was a slow build for sure. It was one of those things that was quietly murmured and then it just led to a full meeting. It was hard, you know. After this long, it’s hard to process not having this schedule always set out in front of you every year. But there’s something in that that I think some of us wanted: let’s just live life and see what else happens. I’m sure down the road…

Richie: Anberlin reunion tour!

Joey: Yeah, it would be like, “Hey, we’ll pay you guys a couple bucks to play some of your stupid old songs.” And we’ll show up and we’ll play.

Christian: I’ll be fully grey by then.

Richie: [jokingly] Yeah, Who’s that guy?

Christian: Yeah, when did Father Time join the band?

— “We all still love each other” —

Joey: That was a big part of everything. The inevitable is the band just goes on and on and on, and you end up resenting each other, and you can’t stand being around each other. We never wanted that to happen because we all still get along and love each other and goof around. To see us interact on a daily basis, you would never imagine that anything is ending at all.

Christian: The band’s been doing great. We’re great. I think it’s just that people’s hearts are in different places now. It’s a sacrifice/reward thing – I think everything in life is sacrifice/reward. I think for some of the people it was like, what I’m sacrificing is not fulfilling enough for me to keep on sacrificing that aspect of my life…I think it has a lot to do with family. That is the number one reason I would say. | Facebook | Twitter

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