Mayday Parade

Derek Sanders

— Vans Warped Tour —

This is our fifth time. It’s great, I love Warped Tour. We have it easy now, because we’ve done it a few times in a van and that’s truly the difficult experience. So now, doing it in a bus these last few times, there’s not really much to complain about. The most crucial thing is that doing this tour in a van, the reason it’s so tough is because it’s an all day thing. You have to get there early in the morning and you leave late at night, there’s not time to stop and sleep for the night. So, basically you try to sleep the best you can in a crowded van and when it’s your turn to drive, you just don’t get any sleep that night.

— Arm full of bracelets —

I just get a lot of them, from fans. It’s been years that I’ve done it. In the early days we used to get a lot of bracelets and we would never really wear them. Then I just decided one day I was going to start wearing these bracelets that we get. As you start doing it more and more people would respond and bring even more so it’s been several years. They come and go, right now it’s kind of a lot. I’ll take some of these off soon,  take some off, keep some on, but I keep all of them so I have a few grocery bags just full of bracelets.

—Upcoming Tours —

We have a few weeks off and then we’re doing Reading and Leeds festival in the U.K., it’s our first time doing that and we’re very excited about it. We’ve been to the U.K. about eight times, but this will be our first time doing that festival, it’s gonna be huge, gonna be great. And then we’re doing a tour in the fall, that hasn’t been announced yet but we’re going to be announcing very soon. | Facebook | Twitter

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