Real Friends

Dan Lambton

From the South Suburbs of Chicago

We’re all from the South suburbs. I live in a town called Evergreen Park and we all, our meeting place is a town called Tinley Park where they have Warped Tour every year. We send merch out there, we practice over there. I love the South side and I love the city. I try to keep the city to be something I really only go to when I have to see a show. So I’m not there all the time and I get bored of it. I honestly don’t mind the suburbs. I have a ton of friends that as soon as college hits, they go get an apartment and they live wherever they went to school, and they never come back. I like where I live and where we live; can’t complain about it.

Growing Up on Warped Tour

I would go to local shows when I was really younger. My band that really got me in to playing music was Blink 182…I started listening to Blink, and Blink opened me up to the Warped Tour world of bands. So Mark Hoppus, for instance, produced a Motion City Soundtrack record. From that, I was like oh my gosh this record’s awesome, this band’s awesome. Found them, saw them at Warped Tour the next year. It just trickles down and I find all these other bands. I remember my earlier memories of going to shows would be Warped Tour and local bands, but the local bands were years ago and I can hardly remember any of them. But seeing The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, Circa Survive at Warped Tour has been unbelievable for me. Memories I’ll never forget.

The Band Name

That name, Real Friends, comes from the fact that we actually know each other. We’re doing something that we like to do with our actual friends, as corny as the name can come off…It’s not like, “Nobody took this name yet,” it’s that we actually like each other. Whereas in other bands that I’ve been in before that band, the relationships were fraying, didn’t see eye to eye. It was nice to be with people that – they know that you just want to play music, and if something happens with the band, that’s cool. But if not, still get to play, still get to have fun. That’s great. | Facebook | Twitter

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